Site Safety Plans

What are site safety plans?

A site safety plan is a document containing a written outline of your safety plan. The ultimate purpose of a site safety management is to prevent accidents (and more importantly deaths) from occurring on the building site. 

What must go in a site safety plan?

Your site safety plan must contain all details of how the contractor is planning to manage risk on a project site. 

Are there benefits to having a site safety plan?

The site safety plan has many benefits. These include stopping accidents or deaths on your job site, and also maximizing public safety. Construction site safety has to be taken into consideration. For example, if accidents do occur, it could open your company up to litigation or fines. A detailed safety plan also makes it easier to get your permits and building plans approved. 

What does a site safety plan need?

The safety plan requires several things. It should forecast potential risks which may occur during certain activities, and ways to control these risks. It should also have certain procedures for protecting workers, visitors, and the public from these risks. These procedures must also protect contractors and sub-contractors who may be working on the site. Finally, a certified site safety plan should be regularly updated according to changing conditions. 

Jobs which need a site safety plan include 

The following jobs need a safety plan:

  • Construction or demolition of buildings (including homes)
  • Jobs where there is underpinning or excavation 
  • Alterations or demolitions which make up half of the building.  
  • Jobs which may pose an increased danger to the surrounding public. 
  • Enlargement of the building either vertically or horizontally. 
  • Removing floors in the building.  

The twenty one parts of a site safety plan 

Your safety plan must have twenty one parts. 

  1. Positions of the sites fences. 
  2. Positions of these fences gates. 
  3. Positions of guard rails surrounding excavations. 
  4. Details of safety netting
  5. Positions of your sidewalk sheds, including their permit numbers. 
  6. Positions of walkways including their permit numbers. 
  7. Positions of your foot bridges and ramps for motor vehicles including their permit numbers
  8. Details of protections for excavations
  9. Positions of any streets or sidewalks which have been closed. 
  10. Positions of loading areas and hoists for material and personal
  11. Positions of loading areas for derricks and cranes 
  12. Positions of nearby buildings plus their occupancy and height, included necessary roof protection 
  13. Positions of hose connections and standpipe systems 
  14. Positions of elevators in case of fire
  15. Positions of offices for outside contractors 
  16. Details of necessary scaffolding and safety netting 
  17. Details of escape routes from the worksite including the size of sidewalks and roadways 
  18. Contact details for the site safety manager  
  19. Details of construction tasks which need unusual progressions and plans for carrying this out. 
  20. A certificate declaring that workers have successfully undergone the necessary safety training  
  21. A certificate declaring that workers have undergone an orientation program pertaining to the site. 

Our team can draw up a safety plan for your project 

Drawing up a safety plan for your project is a deeply complex task. Instead of doing it yourself, why not let our team create a safety plan for your project? We have the experience and expertise required to do this. 

Our team offers a number of construction related services and can draw up a detailed construction site safety plan for your project. A professional safety plan has many benefits for your project. The most important being that they can increase your chances of getting any permits you may need.

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