Construction Superintendent

Who is construction superintendent?

What is a licensed construction superintendent and what do they do? Registered superintendents are legally required on various types of construction projects in New York City. These includes whenever you are constructing or demolishing a building under nine stories. 

Superintendents are also required when you are enlarging the building either vertically or horizontally, demolishing more than half of the floor area, or doing alterations. The purpose of the superintendent is to make sure that structural stability is maintained. This is especially important when you are removing floors or stories, excavating, or underpinning.  


The benefits of having a licensed construction superintendent on-site

A licensed construction superintendent can provide you with numerous advantages. The biggest of these is that superintendents carry out safety inspections, which helps to keep you in compliance with the various building codes. If any safety issues are found, the superintendent will then take care of these. They also make sure that someone is always monitoring safety conditions at your work site. 

Along with this they provide daily records of safety conditions on site, as well as log books, and also ensure that the being carried out follows your building plans. Finally, a construction superintendent makes sure that your site safety plan is verified and follows the various building codes. 


We can provide you with qualified and licensed construction superintendents

If you need to hire construction superintendent we can provide one for you. Our superintendent are fully licensed and registered with the DOB. We also have all necessary certificates. With us you’re guaranteed a perfect safety record on your work site. For more details about our service feel free to contact us today.

How to choose construction superintendent?
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Over 10 dedicated service locations and national coverage for any construction project
We strictly adhere to the laws and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Therefore, our Construction superintendents have all necessary certificates and licenses. This allows them to guarantee competent and safe Construction Management, regardless of its volume nad complexity.
Our superintendents
Our construction superintendents will install 24-hour surveillance cameras at your facility for free, for complete construction and ensuring the safety of all work. Their effective leadership allows each each employee to concentrate on tasks in order to successfully implement the planed project through coordinated and teamwork.
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Our greatest pride is our employees. Thanks to a team of qualified specialists who are able to implement a project of any complexity, we are a leading company in the market. Each employee quickly and efficient performs his tasks, and the construction superintendent carriers out continuous construction management from the moment of its launch until completion.
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