DOB Construction Permits

What you need to know about the DOT permit?

A DOT permit is a permit authorized by the Department of Transportation (DOT). It allows people to perform various functions which generally are not allowed. An example of this is the handling of hazardous waste materials. The reason for this permit is so that contractors comply with various safety regulations when working with these hazardous materials. 


What is a DOB permit?

This is a permit issued by the Department of Buildings (DOB). It gives contractors official permission and approval to begin their construction or remodelling project. 

The reason why this permit is issued is to make sure that contractors follow rules related to land usage, zoning, and construction. A secondary purpose is to make sure that safety regulations are followed. 


When is a DOT tracking number necessary?

Many building sites may take up parts of the sidewalk or roadway. This could happen if you are doing repairs to the sidewalk or roadway. You may also be using these areas to place equipment. If this happens then you are going to need a DOT tracking number. 


In what situations do you need a DOB tracking number?

When the project alters to currently standing building then a permit is necessary. To qualify for a permit you will need a DOB tracking number. A tracking number gives builders permission to carry out building projects and renovation. 


What does DOT & DOB tracking number allow you to do?

Both the DOT & DOB tracking numbers allow contractors the opportunity to carry out a selection of construction projects and tasks. For example, you are allowed to repair the sidewalk, install, replace, or repair underground infrastructure, place a container for debris, and erect scaffolding or sidewalk sheds. 


How contractors can get a DOT & DOB tracking number?

To get a tracking number for your company you will need to submit various forms of identification and documents to the DOT and DOB legal departments. These include things such as a registration application, employer ID number, documents from the IRS, and also a NY state filing receipt, and a permit bond for your location. 

The issuing of a DOB permit issuance is usually a highly complex process which is why your are recommended to get professional help applying. 


What length of time does it take to get DOT & DOB permits?

In general permit requests are processed and issued in 1-2 business days. It’s best to apply online as this will speed up the process. 


Do DOT & DOB tracking numbers lapse? 

DOT & DOB tracking numbers have no expiration date. Despite this, it is important that your permit is up to date at all times. 


What else can you do with a DOT and DOB permit?

These permits also allow contractors the ability to carry out large scale alterations and even construct new buildings. If you are applying to do work requireing these types of permits you will usually have to submit drawings or meet with DOT personal. 


Need more help?

If you need more help or are uncertain about something, feel free to ask. Our company can also assist you when applying for building permits or getting your tracking number. You can get construction permits quickly with our help. Contact us today.

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