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Our Supers visit their sites daily to ensure 100% compliance, will provide daily safety orientations to site laborer, will make sure that log book is accurately completed to avoid any stop work orders.


We offer free installation for 24 hours surveillance cameras to ensure that the work is performed safe and according to the DOB approved drawings. Our superintendents have less then 5 projects on their licence to maximize the safety support to each project and to be present at the job site anytime there is an inspection.


Our Superintendents have 30 hours OSHA and and 40 hours Site Safety courses to assure job safety. Our supers have all DOB certifications, training and license guaranty 100% compliance. We will help you to coordinate the project, and to provide all required site data to contractor / owner.




What is the benefits when you hire a Construction Management Team.

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Almost every investor or organisation with orientation to real estate development knows what is a General Contractor and what is a Construction Manager. The difference between General Contractor and Construction Manager is that the General Contractor will provide an estimated cost to build a project from the beginning to the end for a flat fee and if there is any other extra work or the price came up to be to low he will come with a change of order to organisation /Investors, and they will end up overpaying for their projects.. By hiring a Construction Team the organisation/investors are dealing with professionals that represents and protect the interests of their organisation from unqualified Contractors and inaccurate proposals that are submitted from non-experienced contractors. The construction management is usually hired by an annual  fixed fee or a certain percentage from the total project cost. The advantage is that all the contractors bids are coordinated, negotiated and hired directly by organisation and this will save them a lot of time and money.

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Construction Managers

Every project starts with a team of dedicated employees, that's why we are selecting our managers and supervisors carefully only based on referrals. Every Construction Superintendent have 30 hours OSHA and 40 hours safety manager certification and NYC DOB Registration/ License to guaranty 100% compliance.

Field Laborer & Foreman

This job title requires knowledge and skill in a variety of commercial trade fields, such as: carpentry, plumbing, drywall, masonry, paving, and painting and a working knowledge of trade math, blueprint reading, and use of tools/equipment related to maintenance and repair of commercial facilities.