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The superintendent role is to supervise/oversee every phase of a construction project, from the initial planning to its completion. There is construction superintendents that specialize in public works projects, and others buildings offices and houses. Superintendents typically are responsible for inspection and approving all of the work that is performed by contractors, subcontractors and employees.


All Registered Superintendents according to Chapter 48 of title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York relating to construction superintendents, and amends chapter 3300 of title 1 of the rules of the NYC by adding the new section 3301-02 in its place. This rules promotes public safety by adding several requirements ttha current rule does not cover.

This rule expands the requirements covered by construction superintendents to greater range of jobs like :

  • Vertical and horizontal enlargements
  • Alteration or Demolition more then 50% of the floor area
  • The removal of or more floors
  • Work that requires a special inspection for underpinning or protections of sides of excavations.

The NYC DOB Registered Superintendents are required to ensure 100% compliance:

  • Daily site visits, supervising and overseen the construction work
  • To provide a site logbook that shows the description of the contractors work
  • To provide daily safety orientation to employees
  • To inspect the work area to prevent unsafe condition and unapproved work
  • To take daly pictures and to provide a construction report to ensure 100% compliance.
  • The superintendent should maintain all construction records and reports on the site for further DOB inspection.


The Registered Superintendents should provide daily safety orientation according to OSHA regulations to avoid any construction accidents on the site. The superintendent should ensure that the construction site is maintained clean and enough illuminated to prevent any accidents.


NYC Construction Management was established in 2010 with the scope of providing as help to the owner/ contractor / investor to organize and plan their projects as each phase. With over a decade our company chooses the most experienced team all over USA to provide a strong management team and to maximize the  owners support.

License & Certifications:  Every Construction Superintendent should have more than 5 years full time experience in construction, ability to read drawings and good communication skills, 40 Hours site safety manager course and 30 hour OSHA...and the most important the NYC DOB registration/license .

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Almost every investor or organisation with orientation to real estate development knows what is a General Contractor and what is a Construction Manager. The difference between General Contractor and Construction Manager is that the General Contractor will provide an estimated cost to build a project from the beginning to the end for a flat fee and if there is any other extra work or the price came up to be to low he will come with a change of order to organisation /Investors, and they will end up overpaying for their projects.. By hiring a Construction Team the organisation/investors are dealing with professionals that represents and protect the interests of their organisation from unqualified Contractors and inaccurate proposals that are submitted from non-experienced contractors. The construction management is usually hired by an annual  fixed fee or a certain percentage from the total project cost. The advantage is that all the contractors bids are coordinated, negotiated and hired directly by organisation and this will save them a lot of time and money.

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Construction Managers

Every project starts with a team of dedicated employees, that's why we are selecting our managers and supervisors carefully only based on referrals. Every Construction Superintendent have 30 hours OSHA and 40 hours safety manager certification and NYC DOB Registration/ License to guaranty 100% compliance.

Field Laborer & Foreman

This job title requires knowledge and skill in a variety of commercial trade fields, such as: carpentry, plumbing, drywall, masonry, paving, and painting and a working knowledge of trade math, blueprint reading, and use of tools/equipment related to maintenance and repair of commercial facilities.